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S-97 RAIDER™ Helicopter



Sikorsky S-97™ RAIDER™ Helicopter

Game-changing X2™ technology for future tactical missions

Imagine a next-generation multi-mission helicopter platform so advanced that it can reach speeds of more than 220 knots, operating at 10,000 feet in 95° F of heat. The Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER™ helicopter is poised to realize this vision and revolutionize next-generation military aviation.

The S-97 RAIDER aircraft’s capabilities will meet both conventional U.S. Army and Special Operations future requirements in a variety of combat roles. Additionally, potential applications for US Air Force, US Navy, and US Marine Corps services are being explored. Sikorsky Aircraft has invested in X2™ technology to illustrate its commitment to developing future capabilities that are achievable and affordable. X2 technology is scalable to a variety of military missions including light assault, light attack, armed reconnaissance, close-air support, combat search and rescue, and unmanned applications.

Like the X2 Technology™ Demonstrator that unofficially broke the helicopter speed record on Sept. 15, 2010, the S-97 RAIDER helicopter will feature twin coaxial counter-rotating main rotors (in place of one main rotor and a tail rotor) and a pusher propeller. For the armed reconnaissance mission, the S-97 RAIDER helicopter will have space aft of the cockpit for armament and auxiliary fuel. In an assault configuration, the cabin will afford space to accommodate up to six troops.

In addition to flying at nearly twice the speed of a conventional helicopter, the S-97 RAIDER helicopter will incorporate other key performance parameters critical to combat operations — increased maneuverability, greater endurance, and the ability to operate at high altitudes. Compared with other light military helicopters, the S-97 RAIDER helicopter is expected to significantly reduce turning radius and acoustic noise signature, while significantly increasing the aircraft’s payload, flight endurance and hot and high hover capability.

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